Marmalade sandwiches

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Today we made marmalade sandwiches. We ended up with sticky fingers just like Paddington!

Children in Need

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I am so proud to be a teacher at Mab’s Cross. We have proven once again how kind and caring we are. A really big thank you to everyone who donated today. We made a staggering £3,000!


Paddington needs our help!

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I’m so upset, I was writing a letter to Aunt Lucy in Peru, to tell  her all about my adventures at Buckingham Palace, when the train jumped and I got my sticky fingers all over my sheet of paper. I know that you are all wonderful writers, so please could you help me finish my sentences?

I was trying very hard to use conjunctions as Mrs Bird says that these make your writing more interesting.

Thank you so much.

Paddington Bear

Paddington Visits Buckingham Palace

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I thought I would write to tell you all about my trip to Buckingham Palace. I had the most wonderful time, so thank you so much for suggesting it to me.
The day began with an exciting train journey. There is nothing better than eating a tasty marmalade sandwich as you bump up and down on your seat.

When we arrived at Buckingham Palace, we were just in time to see the ‘Changing of the Guard.’ It was soooooo busy! I couldn’t see properly and everyone kept bumping into me. I eventually managed to get a lovely photograph though. Do you like it?

I have sent you a book to tell you all about my day. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.


Lots of love

Paddington Bear

Paddington 2

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Today we went to the Empire Cinema to watch Paddington 2 to learn all about London. Paddington showed us St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, The Houses Of Parliament and lots more London Landmarks. The film was amazing and really made us laugh, especially when Paddington put electric tooth brushes in his ears.

Star Awards

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Maths Award – Reid

Maths Award – Jack

Star Award – Emme

Writer Award – Adam

Responsibility Champion – Luca


Dear Paddington

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Today we found out lots of information about London and the Queen. Ryley told us lots of facts that he discovered during his visit to London and shared his photos with us.

I hope you find our work helpful.

Love Class 5



I was so proud of how hard the children worked today. Well done!     Mrs Alcock 

Paddington’s Postcard

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We were so excited to receive a special postcard from Paddington asking us to find out information about the Queen.


Smartie the penguin keeping us safe!

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St. Michael’s Church

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Today we went to St. Michael’s Church to learn about baptism. We met Reverand Stan who taught us lots of interesting things about how Christian baptise babies and adults. He even showed us how he performs a baptism service. We had lots of fun!

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